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Oatco Original

Oatco Original

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Superfuel your day with Oatco Original power-packed overnight oats! Unlock the benefits of soaked oats, fuelling your gut health, helping to lower cholesterol and promoting a balanced lifestyle. Just add milk of your choice or yogurt, chill, and enjoy the goodness – all in a convenient, portion-controlled pouch! Packed with oats and chia seeds for the ultimate energy boost to fuel your day.


In a convenient single serve pouch we have crafted the perfect blend of ingredients to provide easy to prepare overnight oats. Ready to be mixed directly in the pouch with your choice of milk and left in the fridge overnight for a hassle free nutrient packed meal. Packed with fibre, protein and essential nutrients our superfuel pouches will keep you feeling energised and satisfied throughout your day.


Say goodbye to the hassle of overnight oat prep and indulge in the goodness of Oatco Superfuel Overnight Oats!

Product features

  • Just add milk
  • Conveniently portion controlled
  • High in fibre

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