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Laura the founder of Oatco with Oatco products

The Journey To Revolutionise Oats

At Oatco, we are dedicated to enriching lives with our innovative oat products. Discover the power of oats as a superfuel, transforming the ordinary into the extra-oat-inary. Our ready-to-eat oat pots feature lower sugar content, sealed segregated toppings, and an incorporated spoon, making eating on the go effortless!

Prefer to customise your own oats? Explore our four unique flavours of “Just Add Milk” Overnight Oat pouches. Each pouch contains a minimum of 20g of plant-based protein and superfood ingredients, ensuring easy at-home preparation and full customisation. Shop now and elevate your oat experience with Oatco!

Our Story
  • Aaron testimonial - 5 stars, highly recommend Caramelised Biscuit ready to eat pots
  • Will testimonial - 5 stars, Peanut Butter Overnight Oats are fantastic. Oatco makes eating on the go so much easier
  • Jane testimonial - 5 stars, Oatco makes eating a balanced and healthy snack that much easier for those on the go
  • Kat testimonial - 5 stars, if you're busy and always on the go, Oatco ready to eat overnight oat pots are the product for you
  • Joanne testimonial - 5 stars, I'm addicted to the overnight oats, so full of flavour. So easy to pack for lunch
  • Ciara testimonial - 5 stars, Choco Nut overnight oats are excellent. They make having a substantial breakfast easy
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