How to make Oatco Superfuel overnight oats

How to make Oatco Superfuel overnight oats

Enjoying delicious protein packed overnight oats has never been easier with Oatco superfuel overnight oats.

Forget the complicated recipes and enjoy oat simplicity with all of the ingredients perfectly portion controlled in a convenient pouch ready to add milk, chill and enjoy.

Unlock the benefits of soaked oats, fuelling your gut health, helping to lower cholesterol and promoting a balanced lifestyle. 

Available in 4 flavours including: Super Berry, Choco Brownie, Vanilla Choc Chip & Oatco Original.


How do you make the superfuel pouches?

Transforming your morning routine is as easy as pouring 160ml of milk or your favourite milk substitute into our convenient pouch, giving it a quick shake or stir, and letting it chill overnight. By the time you wake up, your delicious overnight oats will be ready and waiting for you. Simply give it another shake or stir, and you're ready to take your breakfast on-the-go!

For those who prefer to use a jar or container, transferring the contents of the pouch is effortless. Just pour, add your milk, give it a stir, and let it chill overnight. When morning comes, a quick stir and the addition of your favourite toppings turn this into a delightful oat experience. While we recommend soaking overnight for optimal flavour and texture, if you're pressed for time, even just two hours of chilling can yield satisfying results.


Can I use almond, oat or soy milk alternatives?

Yes! Any milk or milk alternative works. Keep in mind that milk alternatives are often sweetened, which will affect the overall taste. We prefer unsweetened almond milk!


How long do the superfuel pouches last?

The dry product has a shelf life of 6 months. We recommend consuming them within 36 hours of putting them in the fridge for the best experience. If you don't consume an entire serving and plan on eating it later, make sure to put it back in the fridge with the pouch resealed or in an airtight container.


Can I microwave the oats?

We love Oatco oats cold, with a delicious creamy texture and outstanding nutritional value but they will also taste great heated up.

For the superfuel pouches, after prepping, let chill overnight then empty the contents into a microwaveable container. Microwave for brief increments until it is heated to your liking and enjoy. Feel free to add your own toppings on top for extra indulgence. Looking for topping inspiration we have lots of creations on our blog.


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